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Designers and Manufacturers

Metal raw stock.  Metal fabrication coil.

Concerned that a lot of raw material fails to meet your specifications?  Are you considering changing suppliers?  Have you had unexpected failures during manufacture of existing product lines?

All of these could be raw material quality issues. 


We can work with you to evaluate your current drawing and/or material specification requirements.  We can also provide help with developing a substantiation plan to assure that your suppliers are providing the materials that you need.

Foundry.  Cast metal.
Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis

Are your welds cracking?  Failure of coating or painting to adhere to your products?  Are your components corroding during shipment to a customer?

We can work with you to determine the root cause of these and other processing defects.

Aerospace metal assembly.  Machining and joining components.
New Design

Developing a new assembly and need to choose the right alloys?  Do you need to complete your Bill of Materials (BOM)?  Do you need to develop material specifications?

We can help you identify the metals suited to your application.

Corroded metal field examination.
On-Site Examination

We are available for non-destructive initial examinations at your site.  After examination a custom plan will be developed to address any of your unique concerns.

Please contact us.

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