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Why did it fail?

Is this the right material?

We are here to help.


Are you in a dispute with a material supplier?


Qualifying a new design? 


Experiencing a production stoppage? 


Has a customer returned a product?


Could it be a manufacturing defect?

Was it improperly installed?

Was the product tampered with after installation?



Our expert can consult and if necessary testify at deposition, trial, or ADR.

Please call for more information.




Is it a faulty product?


Considering making a warranty claim?

Having trouble with corrosion, leaking, or failure?



Forensic Metallurgy is a metallurgical engineering firm located in Phoenix, AZ.  We provide metal failure analysis and metallurgical engineering consulting.  Our typical approach first involves non-destructive consultation after which we develop a custom plan to help meet your needs.

Do you have a product that has under-performed or failed?  We can help identify the root cause of failure.

Are you designing a new product and need to determine the appropriate alloy to choose?  We can provide assistance.

Are you attempting to certify a new supplier?  Forensic  can help you be assured that your products are what you expect them to be.


Tel: 1-888-401-2004

We have received your request. We will be in contact shortly. Thank you for your interest in Forensic Metallurgy!

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